Wireless Headsets

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Different Types of Wireless Headsets

There are many unique types of headphones. They can come in various sizes. You also have a choice between wired or wireless headphones. The 5 most common types of headphones are over-the-ear headphones, on-the-ear headphones, in-the-ear headphones, and classic earbuds. The less common types include bone conductors, neckband headsets, active (sporty) headphones, surround headphones, and true wireless earbuds. Not to mention all the headsets with microphones. Now, let’s go into more depth about each one with their uses, key advantages, and minor disadvantages.

Over ear headphones

Over-ear headphones, or around-the-ear headphones, are some of the most ordinary types of headsets. They are substantial enough to encompass your ears.


They are generally super comfy to wear because of the padding around them. The sound quality of these headphones is usually fantastic, especially the base. They do block out some sound depending if they are open or closed.


The disadvantages of these types are that they can be harder to transport. Compared to ear buds, over-the-ear headphones cannot be rolled up and put in your pockets. These types are not suitable for sports because of their bulky nature.

On-the-ear headphones

On-the-ear headphones are smaller and more portable.


They can be folded up and fit a little easier in the pockets. The earpiece sits well against the outside of your ear but does not encompass it. They can be a great choice for listening to tour tunes while working out. They have a medium comfort level.


They do not do much to block outside noises. Sometimes they can be a tight fit which may become uncomfortable at times.

In-the-ear headphones

In-the-ear headphones have that little squishy part that goes inside your ear.


They are generally really comfortable to wear because of their soft nature. They are very easily portable, you can just roll them up and put them in your pocket or bag. They are also really good at canceling noise because they go inside your ear like an earplug. The sound quality is above average.


The cord can get tangled quite easily (unless they are bluetooth)

Generic Headphones

Now, you have the generic earbuds. These are usually made from some form of plastic. They became popular with the use of iPods.


They are also a great choice for the sporty people, and they are easily portable.


After a certain amount of time, they can become uncomfortable and fall out. They are easy to transport. They also do not cancel out very much of outside noises.

Neckband headphones

Now, there are three different kinds of headsets that sit around the base of your next. Neckband headphones are exactly what they are called. They are a wireless piece that connects with Bluetooth. They sit around the back of your neck and have earbuds at the ends.

Pros: ​

The sound quality on these items is usually really awesome. They can additionally sustain a charge of up to 8 hours. They do a good job of canceling noise and are extremely enjoyable.

Next, you have the headphones made exclusively for sports. These headsets go around the neck, but are more sweat-resistant and have retractable earbuds. They charge quickly, so you aren’t waiting around for them to charge. So, if you are the kind of person who has to have their tunes while they jog, then these are the ideal choice for you. Subsequently, you have the neckband headphones that have built-in surround systems! The sound quality of these can be fantastic. They have an amazing base and vibrate to the sound. They are great at canceling noise and can be splash resistant. Not to mention nearly all neckband headsets are sweat resistant.

Bone Conductors

Last but certainly not least, you have bone conduction headphones that are recently new and just starting to pick up popularity. They provide a new way to listen to music by them going around the back of your head and touching the sides of your jaw. Then they use electricity to allow you to hear the music.


It is a new fun way to listen to your tunes without actually having anything inside your ears.


The sound quality can sometimes be questionable because of the method it delivers the sound through your jaw into your eardrums.

True Wireless Earbuds

These are generally rechargeable little earbuds that fit inside your ear like normal buds but without any cords. They sync directly to your phone generally via bluetooth.


The sound quality is very good. You can be quite a distance from your device and still be able to hear audio without disruptions. They do not generally fall out of your ears if placed correctly.


They can be more pricey, and without a case they can get easily lost.

So out of all the different kinds, with different pros and cons, one thing is certain. Each type of headphones is useful in one way or another. The wireless headphones won’t get tangled. The sporty headphones won’t fall out of your ears as you run on the treadmill. The noise-canceling headphones so you don’t have to hear the world around you. Not to mention the ones that deliver the sound through your jaw bones. Among all the different types, there is a headset that will work best for you and your circumstances.